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  • CanuHanyu / Nihongogo / Rasa Bahasa

    Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese language apps supporting flipped classroom education and gamified learning.


    CanuHanyu / Nihongogo / Rasa Bahasa

    Education Services Australia asked 2and2 to design a suite of mobile language learning apps that would take the toil out of vocabulary memorisation.

    2and2 answered the challenge by creating the award winning apps CanUHanyu (Chinese), NihongoGo (Japanese) and Rasa Bahasa (Indonesian) that gamify language learning practise so it becomes fun, engaging and effective.

    Each app contains five arcade style games that reinforce vocabulary learning and progress the player through six levels of proficiency. Reward badges chart progress and provide extra motivation for players to keep challenging themselves.

    A dictionary of words and expressions are featured on flash cards in each app allowing for easy revision and guidance in pronunciation. Learners are also able to record and playback their own pronunciations to help develop their spoken language skills.

    These apps have been designed so that they easy and fun to use and have been featured in Apple’s Best New Education Apps in 2014. They have been widely adopted in schools and have been successfully integrated into teaching programs. They have been designed so that students or teachers can build their own study sets to tailor learning to an individual’s needs.

  • The Business of Mining

    Explore, plan and operate a virtual gold mine is this visually stunning MOOC packed with interactive and engaging challenges.


    The Business of Mining

    Do you have what it takes to explore for minerals, plan your mine, operate it profitably and finally close it safely and responsibly?

    Curtin University wanted a Massive Open Online Course focused on the business and economics of mining. Open to everyone, the course had to be rich in video, graphics and interactive experiences that enable experimentation and challenge students to experience realistic mining simulations and scenarios.

    To achieve this, Curtin University engaged 2and2 to work with their academics and educational development staff to create a site that set a new standard in MOOC design and development. Visually stunning and developed completely in HTML5, The Business of Mining is packed with interactive and engaging challenges, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in a self-paced online course.

  • RAC Little Legends Club

    Jump on your bike and head for adventure! Explore a game world where kids take charge while learning about road safety.


    RAC Little Legends Club

    Little Legends Club is designed to unite children, their teachers and their families in a whole-community approach to road safety education.

    To complement its Youth Membership program, the Royal Automotive Club of WA (RAC) wanted to develop a free online resource for students, teachers and parents containing custom-built road safety games and supporting lesson plans, matched to the W.A Curriculum. The RAC partnered with 2and2 and Western Australia’s Department of Education road safety strategy body to ensure the most fun, engaging and educationally sound solutions were developed.

    Little Legends Club features three game worlds, each targeting a different age group. As children move through Primary School, they encounter more challenging scenarios and increasingly complex gameplay. Throughout all three games players receive age-appropriate road safety messages and earn badges for demonstrating road safety skills.

    The entire Little Legends Club program evolves with the child. To our knowledge it’s the only product of its kind using games (mapped to evidence-based road safety principles) that increase in complexity and sophistication over the course of the player’s life.

  • Language Learning Space

    Featuring over ninety interactive challenges set in a rich and vibrant graphic novel universe, the Language Learning Space connects language students and teachers across Australia.


    Language Learning Space

    Education Services Australia approached 2and2 with a difficult problem to overcome - how do you engage and motivate language students to complete a wide range of disparate learning resources?

    Our solution was to develop the Language Learning Space, featuring a series of immersive adventures presented as exciting and interactive graphic novel challenges. Before attempting each challenge, students must complete their ‘mission training’ by engaging with relevant educational resources and proving their skills through a short assessment.

    Once equipped with the language skills necessary to proceed, students are sent on a quest across China, Japan or Indonesia (depending on the language they’re studying) where they will fight crime, solve puzzles and help to save important items of Chinese cultural heritage.

    Part adventure game, part learning/content management system, the LLS is also a professional community for teachers, who can upload, share and rate content; access native speakers in Beijing, Bali or Japan and allocate tasks and feedback to students.

    Currently covering the Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese curricula, the site is fully extendable allowing further languages to be added without technical development.

  • ABC Zoom

    A sci-fi world exploring scientific concepts in an entirely new realm of game play.


    ABC Zoom

    ABC Digital Education, ABC Science and Education Services Australia asked 2and2 to design a science game that would help students understand the scientific principles of the microscopic world.

    2and2’s solution was to create a story-based science fiction game that closely integrates the science with the gameplay. The game is set in a futuristic world where players are equipped with tools that allow them to zoom in and examine materials at microscopic and even sub-atomic levels. The 2and2 production team worked under the guidance of some of Australia’s leading scientists to ensure the scientific accuracy of the zoomed-in simulations that players explore throughout the game. Players must complete a series of scientific challenges where they learn how a laser works, how a human eye detects colour or how nerve signals are transmitted between cells in the brain.

    Scientific challenges are closely integrated into the game’s story which is set on an abandoned spaceship that has been put into lockdown by its cyborg captain. As players progress through the game they meet humorous street-wise characters who help them unlock the mystery of the stricken craft.

    Zoom was designed with two possible game endings which are determined by the decisions players make throughout the game. The end result is an active learning experience that is educationally, technically and visually sound.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman Online Learning Centre

    Interactive video scenarios enabling employers, employees, supervisors and managers to foster good workplace practices.


    Fair Work Ombudsman Online Learning Centre

    The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) approached 2and2 to design and develop the Online Learning Centre, a free resource for Australian employers, employees, supervisors and managers that provides skills-based training to foster good workplace practices.

    The key challenge was how to make the content timely and memorable for anyone in the workplace and transferable to any type of business. No prior knowledge could be assumed, and audiences would feature a wide range of language skills, literacy, numeracy and computer proficiency.

    With these factors in mind, 2and2 developed a pedagogical approach based on interactive video. All of the core content in each course is presented on video by actors, giving the material a powerful and affecting ‘human face’.

    Some learning outcomes are modelled by a role-play dialogue and analysed by the learner, with immediate feedback. Other topics may feature ‘virtual employees’ who talk directly to camera, giving the learner an immersive, confronting experience and allowing managers to practise the skills they have just obtained, safely and in context.

    The Online Learning Centre is driving the adoption of best practice within workplaces. By facilitating the introduction or revision of workplace policies or procedures, the online learning courses help to embed positive behavioural change and promote compliance.

  • Kids’ Guide to Cancer

    A free resource packed with with age-appropriate information for children who have a parent, sibling or loved one with cancer.


    Kids’ Guide to Cancer

    Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. While many support and information services exist to help children in treatment, very few options are available for children with a parent, sibling or loved one with cancer.

    Seeking to address this, Camp Quality set out to develop an app to answer the most common questions children have about cancer, providing age-appropriate information in plain English to kids without scaring or confusing them.

    Partnering with 2and2, Camp Quality held numerous focus groups and consulted with health professionals and other not-for-profits during the development lifecycle to ensure the most relevant and helpful information was included.

    Available for free on both Android and iOS, the app is filled with age appropriate information about common types of cancer, the doctors and professionals involved in treatment, types of medicines and hospitals in general. The app also explains how kids can help and support their loved one during treatment.

    Featuring colourful and engaging animations of personal stories from kids, the Kids’ Guide to Cancer is sure to be a well received resource for children aged 8-13 years.

  • ABC ConCensus

    Beautiful data visualisations that bring Australian Census statistics to life.


    ABC ConCensus

    2and2 proposed an idea to ABC Digital Education and Education Services Australia to create a visually rich educational tool to bring Australian census statistics to life.

    Census statistics offer many opportunities for us to learn about Australia but their method of presentation can discourage students from accessing them. 2and2 set out to transform a range of statistics from the 2011 Census into rich interactive visualisations which can be explored by students to uncover ‘stories’ about Australian life.

    The visualisations explore themes including cultural diversity, family structure, modes of transport, population age and gender and internet connectivity. The data is organised by states and postcodes so that geographic comparisons can be viewed through clear visual representations.

    ConCensus is designed as a teaching resource to support maths and geography curriculum for year levels 5 to 9. All ConCensus data visualisations provide students with access to the raw datasets that lie behind them. The ability to download this data allows students to import it into their own charts for further study and analysis.

    ConCensus can also be used to go beyond the official census statistics by allowing students to create their own census surveys for their class or school group. The MyCensus feature of the site displays the comparative results of surveys that have been completed by thousands of students throughout Australia.

  • Lendlease EHS Passport

    Award winning online training that reduces workplace injury and potential fatalities on building & construction worksites.


    Lendlease EHS Passport

    The Lendlease Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Passport is a training program designed to reduce workplace injury and potential fatalities on Lendlease worksites and assets around the world. Originally a face-to-face induction program, Lendlease approached 2and2 to help them redesign and develop a comprehensive suite of 22 online learning modules, to be rolled out to their entire global workforce.

    Our solution involved creating interactive learning experiences that replicate real-life workplace scenarios such as construction sites and retail outlets. Learners solve problems and experience the outcomes of their choices. If their choice was incorrect, they witness the consequences depicted in the environment or played out as video. By embedding the participant into a familiar environment, the training modules enable engagement and break through educational and cultural barriers.

    The extensive and unique production process involved weeks of filming actors on location at Lendlease sites, and months of instructional design, animation, stunningly accurate 2D/3D illustration and module development.

  • Skillset: Power Play

    Powerplay is a game that gets young apprentices thinking about energy efficiency, and transforms this into positive behavioural change in their homes and workplaces.


    Skillset: Power Play

    While public messaging about energy efficiency has consistently targeted youth audiences, research shows most young people, particularly apprentices and trainees, are not exhibiting energy efficient behaviours.

    Skillset, a skills development organisation based in central NSW, wanted to change this. They approached 2and2 with an idea to create a game that would somehow motivate apprentices in rural NSW to change their behaviour towards energy efficiency. This game became known as Powerplay.

    Rather than using adverts, events or traditional programs like Earth Hour, Powerplay encourages players to make decisions in-game that could then translate to their energy consumption and decisions at home and at work.

    Players are tasked with rebuilding a rural town in Western NSW after the apocalypse, and must grow the city in the most energy efficient way possible. However, at night Elementals come to sap the town’s power and players must fend them off using energy weapons. If they don’t fend off the attack, the Elementals sap their energy and players are left with fewer resources for the next day.

    Designed as part of the government’s Low Income Energy Efficiency Program, Powerplay incorporates beautiful illustrations, challenging yet entertaining gameplay, social media and financial rewards outside of the game to motivate apprentices to be more energy efficient at work and at home.