We create tech solutions that embrace the future of learning for what it is — human-centered, personalised, social and lifelong.

You’ve probably heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Education/Web/Industry 4.0 - nebulous concepts that try to capture the breathtaking extent to which technology has become an indispensable part of our lives.

From ubiquitous mobile devices, the Internet of Things and big data, to augmented and virtual reality, biofeedback wearables and artificial intelligence, a complex ecosystem of human, machine and software is redefining how we learn, share ideas, manage our health, and relate to others.

At 2and2, we see exciting possibilities for how those technologies can be harnessed to advance human potential. Our solutions aim to help people thrive; to achieve mastery in the endeavours they choose; to continue learning throughout their lives; to make meaningful connections; to feel a sense of purpose. Instead of applying new technologies to rigid learning frameworks, we seek to transform and enrich the process of learning itself. Rather than deliver ‘check-box compliance’ at the lowest possible cost, we design personalised solutions that solve real-world problems; that lead to true understanding and behaviour change around any given subject matter.

We view technology as a connector and an enabler, not an end. In the world we envision, learners are also creators of knowledge, patients are active participants in their own health care, and businesses succeed as committed stakeholders in the collective well-being. Technology, instead of negating the qualities that make us human - creativity, empathy, innovation, communication, connection - can be used to amplify them.

Whether you’re a business, government, educational institution or not-for-profit, we want to help you genuinely engage your audience and the wider community in which you operate.

To achieve the ideal combination of impact and cost-effectiveness, we build solutions on Cogniss.

After a decade of developing award-winning, but expensive custom learning solutions for major universities, corporates, government agencies, and charities, we realised we could help clients create even better solutions at much lower costs by taking everything we’ve learned and packaging it into a single, cost-effective platform: Cogniss.

Cogniss harnesses proven psychological and neuroscientific techniques to engage and motivate any audience. With a rich set of learning features and tools to choose from, our multidisciplinary team works with you to create experiences where people are given free rein to explore, analyse, interpret, shape and share the content they discover. Cogniss also offers sophisticated data analytics so that users and product owners can track when and how learning is occurring.

To ensure our solutions are informed by evidence and a deep understanding of actual needs and motivations, we engage in constant conversations with people on the frontlines of education and health - teachers, school administrators, clinical practitioners, researchers, HR managers, community organisers and many others.

Solutions powered by Cogniss seamlessly integrate the best of today’s learning technologies and can be published to numerous platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, game consoles, and AR/VR platforms.

We don’t just help you bring about learning and behavioural outcomes.
We help sustain them beyond the life of the project.

Our solutions are purposely built to deliver lasting learner outcomes. A key part of that is making sure end users and other key stakeholders are minimally impacted by potential disruptions - the most common of these being loss of funding. That’s why we work with you from the start to plan, design and implement a sustainable vision for the project. A solution built for sustainability is more likely to maintain user and stakeholder support, transition smoothly through changes, and produce positive long-term results.

To integrate sustainability into our solutions, we live by a few simple principles:

  • Creative collaboration. We value the knowledge, ideas and expertise our clients bring to the table, partnering with them to determine the best approach with the greatest impact. In many cases, our role is to augment and improve on the quality of clients’ existing resources with our specialised knowledge of education, health and behaviour change tech.

  • Radical transparency. We involve our clients as much as they wish at all project stages.

  • Human-centred design. We are not about building overly complex technical solutions that sit outside of the realities of the classroom, workplace, clinic, or whichever context a solution is being applied. Instead, we listen to the people for whom the solution is being designed through conversation, observation and co-creation. This results in solutions that better address the specific needs, culture, behaviours and expectations of those who will directly interact with the technology. It also builds trust, buy-in and and incentives for repeat use.

  • Out-of-the-box solutions. Wherever possible, we equip you with productised tools and processes that enable you to build your own perfect solution. This both minimises costs and allows maximum flexibility for clients to shape the solution according to their own priorities and needs. It might also involve incorporating capabilities that allow you to update content or functionalities without further development work.

  • Iterative development. We quickly build, test, and re-test solution prototypes as they become available, so that project risk is greatly reduced for everyone. This allows the solution to grow and evolve as time goes on and as new information presents itself, or as user needs and contexts change.

  • User empowerment. Our solutions aim to empower end users whenever possible. We envision users not only as active and informed learners, but also potential content sharers and creators.