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  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s a child learning to count, a salesperson learning how to sell the latest electronic gizmo or an accountant learning how to apply their firm's ethical framework, learning should always be fun, engaging and most of all it should work!

    That’s right, we believe at the end of the experience the learner should actually understand the subject matter, and applying it in real life should be second nature. It’s a revolutionary idea in the world of online education, and it’s something we strive to achieve in every project, big and small.

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  • We love games! Whether for education, marketing or purely for entertainment, games are our favourite method of engagement, and we are one of the only education-focused companies to employ designers and developers with international experience in creating AAA and mobile games.

    2and2 design and build video games, we gamify existing content and systems, and have built serious games for universities, public companies and the school system. We’ve built social games that virally grow audiences and magnify the reach of our clients messages. Our work has not only won educational games awards in Australia, the UK and USA, but we have also won mainstream games awards in the USA and Australia, including Australia’s Best Mobile Game at the Mobie Awards.

    We build both 2D and 3D games in HTML 5 and Unity for desktop, mobile and tablet. We can create a game for you that works across iPhone, iPad, Android as well as PC and Mac web browsers. We use games to both increase engagement and to actually increase understanding of the underlying subject matter. Games allow us to simulate experiences that link the real and virtual worlds.

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  • At 2and2 we go beyond traditional eLearning and focus on creating beautiful, customised digital experiences that are engaging and relevant to the learner’s real world experiences.

    Having created hundreds of successful, and in many cases ground-breaking eLearning modules for some of the largest government and private sector employers, universities and the Australian school system we can confidently tackle any online learning challenge.

    We blend the knowledge of educators and communications specialists with the specialised skills of digital developers. We select the most appropriate educational approach for the content and the audience, often using constructivist, experiential and learner-centred techniques.

    We design materials that allow learners to analyse, interrogate, interpret and shape the content they discover.

    2and2 combines all of this with beautiful design, delivering materials that result in deeper understanding and retention.

    Why not take the time to learn more about what we do, how we do it and check out some of our past work. Or cut to the chase and contact us now.

  • We love creating children's educational content. Creativity, games and fun are at the core, and we get the satisfaction of doing important work.

    Since our inception we have been designing curriculum-based education for K12 schools in Australia and New Zealand in conjunction with The Learning Federation and Education Services Australia. We have delivered over 300 resources for use in schools covering Maths, Early Years, Australian Studies, Science, English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese...the list just goes on.

    2and2 develops educational resources for third-party organisations that are designed to be integrated into school curricula. Projects have ranged from helping Camp Quality empower children faced with cancer in the family, to teaching English as a second language in China, even making education on taxation fun and engaging for the Australian Taxation Office and working with private sector companies on school outreach programs. Whether it’s updating the 3R’s for the digital world, bringing storybooks to life on the iPad or creating educational mobile games, our creativity and production capabilities are unrivaled.

  • Deepening understanding through immersive, engaging and relevant learning experiences.

    Changing behaviours is challenging. Whether your goal is delivering improved performance in the workplace, better health outcomes or more engaged consumers, the challenges and techniques remain the same. Simply delivering information or education is not enough. Your audience not only needs to understand the reason they should change their behaviour, they also need sustained motivation.

    At 2and2 we don’t believe in preaching. Instead we use proven sociological and behavioural techniques to create online education and communications that help the individual learner to discover for herself the rewards of adopting the desired behaviour.

    Every project is different, and matching the right techniques to the right audience and subject matter is paramount.

    Changing an Entire Culture

    Sometimes an entire workplace or community culture undergoes or needs change. We provide solutions to help facilitate this as smoothly and effectively as possible. Like behaviour change, culture change calls for engagement. At 2and2 we approach culture change by delivering deep understanding through immersive, engaging and relevant learning experiences. Our expertise reflects the wide-ranging needs of our unique client’s and we embrace their challenges as our own.

    Our wealth of experience in this area includes:

    • helping create a culture of Customer Service Excellence at a major bank
    • education on indigenous cultural issues
    • using simulation to teach managers how to perform interviews, reprimands and performance reviews
    • helping organisations embed sustainable business practices through our award-winning Change2 program
    • developing the online component of a major cultural change program for a Federal Government Department
    • educating security officers for a major transit authority on how to apply standard operating procedures when engaging with staff
    • designing ethics training for a Big 4 consultancy and two leading energy utilities
    • improving inter-cultural understanding and interaction
    • empowering managers to conduct better interviews, reprimands and reviews

  • We help brands build educated and engaged customer-bases through both direct consumer education as well as sales channel and product training.

    From our beginnings as the education division of a major marketing and advertising agency, 2and2’s unique mix of skills allow us to effectively position brands with engaging marketplace education whilst considering the bottom line and marketing outcomes. Our experience includes using games to help Suncorp encourage voluntary superannuation contributions, helping Westpac educate customers on the advantages of new online services, developing a sales and product training tool for QBE’s broker network, developing a training and rewards program for retailers of Transitions Lenses and helping Meat and Livestock Australia bridge the gap between urban and rural Australia. We are currently working with a major optics brand developing a training and rewards program for optometry staff.

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  • In recent years we have helped many of our clients transition from the web world to the app world. Apps allow for a more robust and technically sophisticated experience.

    With apps we can take full advantage of all the functionality built in to modern smartphones and tablets such as the iPad. Push messaging, two way and social communications, integration of 3rd party services such as maps, geolocation and many other features allow us to create richer, stickier experiences.

    Our involvement in the mobile games world as well as our work in China (the world’s most advanced social mobile marketplace) has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the engagement techniques that are used so effectively in both the casual gaming and app industries.

    We have a generation of children who are adept with an iPad before they can read a book. Apps offer the best way to connect with younger generations.

    2and2 are experts in developing 2D and 3D experiences in Unity, and publishing native apps for iOS and Android. We also have an unrivaled depth of knowledge in HTML5 development and can advise you on the best technical approach to suit your needs.

  • Sometimes ‘why’ is just as important as ‘how’ and ‘what’.

    A workforce that is engaged, where everyone feels valued, supported and challenged, where individuals embrace their own autonomy while contributing to the organisation's goals, is a workforce that will be more productive and stable.

    At 2and2 we design internal digital communications programs designed to engage staff in organisation-wide goals. Combining elements such as games, interactive content, learning modules, rewards and social media we can devise ways to ensure your staff get the big picture and feel a part of it.

  • 2and2 has a long history in sustainability education and behaviour change.

    In fact, we operated a specialist consultancy, Change2, for many years focussing on this area. We have now brought this expertise back in-house.

    As specialists in initiating behaviour change, we’re deeply committed to leaving a legacy by helping individuals, communities and companies thrive in the green economy.

    Tackling the overwhelming issue of the planet’s future is perhaps the largest behaviour change challenge we will ever tackle. Applying 2and2′s strategic approach we have achieved consistently outstanding results working with organisations such as Bayer, Skillset, CSC, Melbourne Water, ETSA Utilities, IBM, Mission Australia and Suncorp. It may seem like a daunting task but we are determined to do our bit to change the planet one person at a time.

    The Change2 Staff Engagement Program

    The Change2 program features a suite of learning modules, tools and resources that help organisations improve their environmental, social and economic sustainability.

    Applying 2and2’s unique approach Change2 has developed a highly engaging, off-the-shelf, scalable online solution for sustainability. Our program was developed with an advisory panel of sustainability and L&D managers from 20 of Australia’s largest employers.

    Custom Sustainability Learning

    We have developed custom learning modules for architects, engineers, consulting and administrative professionals.

    Energy Efficiency for Trades, Professions and Industry

    We have partnered on many government-funded energy efficiency training programs for a range of industries including manufacturing, IT, HVAC, retail and small business. We have worked with such industry bodies as the AIIA, AMCA and Ai Group.

  • Whether it's health and safety, financial or legislative obligations, sometimes ‘checkbox compliance’ isn’t enough.

    You need to know that your staff understand the principles and can apply that knowledge effectively. This means delivering learning that actively involves the learner in the subject matter. 2and2 use a range of techniques including games, simulations and scenarios to embed a deep understanding of the complex issues that underlie an organisation’s compliance requirements.