ABC Zoom

A sci-fi world exploring scientific concepts in an entirely new realm of game play.

ABC Digital Education, ABC Science and Education Services Australia asked 2and2 to design a science game that would help students understand the scientific principles of the microscopic world.

2and2’s solution was to create a story-based science fiction game that closely integrates the science with the gameplay. The game is set in a futuristic world where players are equipped with tools that allow them to zoom in and examine materials at microscopic and even sub-atomic levels. The 2and2 production team worked under the guidance of some of Australia’s leading scientists to ensure the scientific accuracy of the zoomed-in simulations that players explore throughout the game. Players must complete a series of scientific challenges where they learn how a laser works, how a human eye detects colour or how nerve signals are transmitted between cells in the brain.

Scientific challenges are closely integrated into the game’s story which is set on an abandoned spaceship that has been put into lockdown by its cyborg captain. As players progress through the game they meet humorous street-wise characters who help them unlock the mystery of the stricken craft.

Zoom was designed with two possible game endings that are determined by the decisions players make throughout the game. The end result is an active learning experience that is educationally, technically and visually sound.

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2013 Interactive Media Award (USA) - Outstanding Achievement - Science/Technology

Interactive Media Award (USA) - Outstanding Achievement - Games - Playing

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