Way to Grow

An app motivating time-constrained staff to develop sustainable waste management habits.


Veolia wanted a solution that would educate and motivate employees, particularly those who are time-constrained and/or experience cultural or language barriers, to engage in sustainable waste management practices.


So we helped create Way to Grow - an app solution that makes it fun to take simple, sustainable actions while employees go about their everyday work.

Players can earn experience points, in-game currency and real-world prizes by putting waste in the right bin, challenging co-workers to pitch in, completing educational games and activities, and helping their team hit sustainability goals. Way To Go also has an inbuilt functionality for friendly inter-store campaigns and challenges.


For employers, Way To Grow provides personalised employee engagement, an innovative way to embed sustainability into company culture, and the opportunity to connect to a network of environmentally conscious teams.

For employees, it's an entertaining way to learn about responsible waste management, earn rewards for taking positive actions, and be part of something bigger.




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