The Business of Mining

Explore, plan and operate a virtual gold mine in this visually stunning MOOC packed with interactive and engaging challenges.

Do you have what it takes to explore for minerals, plan your mine, operate it profitably and finally close it safely and responsibly?

Curtin University wanted a Massive Open Online Course focused on the business and economics of mining. Open to everyone, the course had to be rich in video, graphics and interactive experiences that enable experimentation and challenge students to experience realistic mining simulations and scenarios.

To achieve this, Curtin University engaged 2and2 to work with their academics and educational development staff to create a site that set a new standard in MOOC design and development. Visually stunning and developed completely in HTML5, The Business of Mining is packed with interactive and engaging challenges, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in a self-paced online course.



Curtin University

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