Language Learning Space

Featuring over ninety interactive challenges set in a rich and vibrant graphic novel universe, the Language Learning Space connects language students and teachers across Australia.



Education Services Australia approached 2and2 with a difficult problem to overcome - how do you engage and motivate language students to complete a wide range of disparate learning resources?


Our solution was to develop the Language Learning Space (LLS), featuring a series of immersive adventures presented as exciting and interactive graphic novel challenges. Before attempting each challenge, students must complete their ‘mission training’ by engaging with relevant educational resources and proving their skills through a short assessment.

Once equipped with the language skills necessary to proceed, students are sent on a quest across China, Japan or Indonesia (depending on the language they’re studying) where they will fight crime, solve puzzles and help to save important items of cultural heritage.


Part adventure game, part learning/content management system, the LLS is an online space where students can collaborate with tutors in online discussions, and complete interactive (and highly enjoyable, adventure-based) language games online. It has also become a collaborative community for teachers, who can upload, share and rate content; access native speakers in Beijing, Bali or Japan and allocate tasks and feedback to students. Currently covering the Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese curricula, the site is fully extendable allowing further languages to be added without technical development.

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Education Services Australia


IMS Global Learning Impact Awards (USA) -
Platinum Award

2014 Interactive Media Awards (USA) - Outstanding Achievement Kids

2015 Interactive Media Awards (USA) - Outstanding Achievement Kids

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