RAC Little Legends

Jump on your bike and head for adventure! Explore a game world where kids take charge while learning about road safety.


To complement its Youth Membership program, the Royal Automotive Club of WA (RAC) wanted to develop a free online resource for children, teachers and parents containing custom-built road safety games and supporting lesson plans, matched to the W.A Curriculum.


2and2 partnered with the RAC and Western Australia’s Department of Education’s road safety strategy body to ensure the most fun, engaging and educationally sound solutions were developed.

Little Legends Club features three game worlds, each targeting a different age group. The first game in the series is specifically aimed at introducing 5 to 7 year olds to the basics of bicycle safety. The games embody a free-play approach, giving players numerous options to navigate in order to mimic the safety decisions they have to make in the real world.

As children move through Primary School, they encounter more challenging scenarios and increasingly complex gameplay. Throughout all three games, players receive age-appropriate road safety messages and earn badges for demonstrating road safety skills.


The entire Little Legends Club program evolves with the child. To our knowledge, it is the only product of its kind using games (mapped to evidence-based road safety principles) that increase in complexity and sophistication over the course of the player’s life.

The Little Legends Club games was highly successful upon release, attracting over 8000 new members within the first year. Subsequent informal research showed that children gained a good understanding and retained concepts covered in the game, with children regularly referring to lessons learned when out on the street.

Since its release, the main characters in the game – Jack, Mel, Ash and Chip – have been adapted for video, print and display advertising and are now central to RAC’s Little Legends Club branding of a whole suite of road safety education resources.



Royal Automotive Club of WA (RAC)


2015 Interactive Media Awards (USA) - Best in Class - Kids