Leading Value Game

An immersive cross-platform game helping staff in leadership roles test and enhance real-world skills.


BHP Billiton needed an educational tool to engage staff in leadership roles across the company’s global workforce - one that would provide a virtual environment to test and develop real-world skills.


2and2 developed the Leading Value Game, an immersive cross-platform game mirroring the daily challenges leaders in the company face. The game would be used in conjunction with leadership seminars to train staff on leadership values and problem-solving skills, helping make these topics more entertaining and memorable.

Set in the 1850s, the game takes place on a fictional deserted island. Players take on the role of ship’s Captain, commanding a merchant clipper that has run aground during a storm. A king tide will occur in seven days, allowing the crew to re-float the ship. This means the player has one week to repair the ship and gather provisions for the journey home. During gameplay, players must review and weigh up how all of the activities are being conducted on the island. They are rewarded for conducting thorough research and selecting options that improve efficiency and reduce waste in a safe, sustainable manner.

‘Leading Value’ revolves around key learning outcomes related to production processes, including recognising the value of staff, morale, team-based collaboration and seeing the ‘big picture’; and recognising opportunities for value creation, loss, or the potential value of untapped resources labeled as ‘waste’.


With the game closely reflecting the dynamics of BHPB’s global operations, player feedback indicated it resonated strongly with staff and effectively tapped into the company’s natural competitiveness. Players also said the game helped them draw lessons between what was learnt in company workshops and their day-to-day work.

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BHP Billiton


2017 Interactive Media Awards Best in Class – Games