Lendlease EH&S Passport

Award winning online training that reduces workplace injury and potential fatalities on building and construction worksites.


Lend Lease’s main objective was to change the behaviour of the workforce, to instil a culture of proactive rather than reactive behaviours when it comes to Environment, Health and Safety.

With employees from differing demographics, education levels and with varying language abilities, the level at which the participants were likely to gain understanding and retention of subject matter differed substantially. The range of education levels of learner profiles went from labourers with basic literacy and no high school completion to professionals with post-graduate qualifications.


The Lend Lease EH&S Passport is a purpose-built online training program designed for Lend Lease employees from all over the world, to engage in core Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) framework training. Originally a face-to-face induction program, Lendlease approached 2and2 to help them redesign and develop a comprehensive suite of 22 online learning modules, to be rolled out to their entire global workforce.

Our solution involved creating interactive learning experiences that replicate real-life workplace scenarios such as construction sites and retail outlets. Learners solve problems and experience the outcomes of their choices. They learn by ‘doing’, making choices and taking risks, rather than reading EH&S documents and ticking off compliance checklists. By embedding the participant into a familiar environment, the training modules enable engagement and break through educational and cultural barriers.

The extensive and unique production process involved weeks of filming actors on location at Lendlease sites, and months of instructional design, animation, stunningly accurate 2D/3D illustration and module development.


Following the introduction of the EH&S Passport, there was a recorded 24% decrease in workplace incidents across all sectors. Due to the high acclaim among Lend Lease employees within Australia, the US and the UK, translated versions of the interactive compliance training suite was requested for use on an even broader global scale.

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Camp Quality


Brandon Hall Award (USA) - Silver - Best Custom Content

eLearning Age Award (UK) - Silver - Best Compliance

eLearning Age Award (UK) - Bronze - Best Production

LearnX - Platinum Award for Best Interactive Scenario

LearnX - Gold Award for Best Audio Design

International Safety Awards - Bronze
Award in New Media Category