ABC ConCensus

Beautiful data visualisations that bring Australian Census statistics to life.

2and2 proposed an idea to ABC Digital Education and Education Services Australia to create a visually rich educational tool to bring Australian census statistics to life.

Census statistics offer many opportunities for us to learn about Australia but their method of presentation can discourage students from accessing them. 2and2 set out to transform a range of statistics from the 2011 Census into rich interactive visualisations which can be explored by students to uncover ‘stories’ about Australian life.

The visualisations explore themes including cultural diversity, family structure, modes of transport, population age and gender and internet connectivity. The data is organised by states and postcodes so that geographic comparisons can be viewed through clear visual representations.

ConCensus is designed as a teaching resource to support maths and geography curriculum for year levels 5 to 9. All ConCensus data visualisations provide students with access to the raw datasets that lie behind them. The ability to download this data allows students to import it into their own charts for further study and analysis.

ConCensus can also be used to go beyond the official census statistics by allowing students to create their own census surveys for their class or school group. The MyCensus feature of the site displays the comparative results of surveys that have been completed by thousands of students throughout Australia.

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