CanuHanyu / Nihongogo / Rasa Bahasa

Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese language apps supporting flipped classroom education and gamified learning.


Education Services Australia asked 2and2 to design a suite of mobile language learning apps that would take the toil out of vocabulary memorisation.  2and2 answered the challenge by creating the award winning apps CanUHanyu (Chinese), NihongoGo (Japanese) and Rasa Bahasa (Indonesian) that gamify language learning practise so it becomes fun, engaging and effective.


Each app contains five arcade style games that reinforce vocabulary learning and progress the player through six levels of proficiency. Reward badges chart progress and provide extra motivation for players to keep challenging themselves.

A dictionary of words and expressions are featured on flash cards in each app allowing for easy revision and guidance in pronunciation. Learners are also able to record and playback their own pronunciations to help develop their spoken language skills.


The apps were featured in Apple’s Best New Education Apps in 2014. They have been widely adopted in schools and have been successfully integrated into teaching programs. They have been designed so that students or teachers can build their own study sets to tailor learning to an individual’s needs.

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Education Services Australia


2016 Tech Design Awards - Education & Family

2014 Apple App Store Feature - Best New Education Apps

2014 Interactive Award - Best of Smartphone - Learning & Education

2014 Interactive Media Award (USA) - Best in Class - Education

2013 Australian tralian Mobile Awards - Best Education & Family

2013 Learning Age Award (UK) - Bronze - Best Mobile Learning