tablets and education
Fun Academy - Game Testing in Shanghai Middle School

Fun Academy: bringing game-based learning to China

The world is all too aware of the pressures that Chinese students face throughout the span of their education, but for me the awareness is stronger than most. Growing up with Chinese cousins, I witnessed eight-year-olds studying until 9pm while I would normally be running around with my friends outside. I watched them take piano classes, dancing classes, English revision courses, and tutoring groups – all on the week
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Family Using iPad - Flickr

Why educational games and eLearning will become even more prominent in 2014

When I was 8, our classroom had one computer loaded with Treasure Mountain and Midnight Rescue. Housed in the back of the class, my classmates and I would fight day in and day out over who was allowed to play next. Our twenty minute slots flew by in the blink of an eye. Friendships were lost over this computer. Gladiators were made by those who got the top scores. Much to the dismay of my teacher and her blackboard o
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Tablets for Education

By Leon Young, Managing Director at 2and2 Some of you are probably aware of my mild obsession with the potential of tablets to completely change the way education is delivered. What interests me most, is the opportunity tablets offer to circumvent poor teaching or inadequate access to decent schooling, and from there the potential for developing countries to achieve something approaching first world education standar
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