2and2 is a finalist in the 21st AIMIA Awards

Has it been a year already? Apparently so, because the 21st AIMIA Awards have rolled around and we’re pleased to announce that SAFEMinds Online is a finalist in the Best Digital Advertising or Communication – Learning and Education category. In case you missed our earlier posts, SAFEMinds Online is an interactive video-based experience made for the headspace SAFEMinds program in partnership with the Victo
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headspace SAFEMinds video shoot

headspace SAFEMinds: translating stories from script to screen

At some point in every adult’s life, they will have to print, cut out, and paste photos of Harry Styles into a scrapbook, and then draw love hearts all over him. All right, not every adult does this (we hope). However, it’s just another day in the office here at 2and2 – particularly when you’re preparing props for an upcoming video shoot. 2and2 is currently working on SAFEMinds, an immersive,
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SAFEMinds: using digital media to create understanding in schools

They say that if you remember what it feels like to be a teenager or young adult, you will understand the decisions that many youth make. You’ll understand what it’s like to feel left out sometimes. You’ll know that, often, it feels like nobody understands. You’ll see why many teens turn to alcohol or substance abuse either as a way to fit in or to cope with other issues. You’ll remember that feeling where it just. S
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