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Artist Interview Series Part II: Alastair and Blythe talk LLS

In Part One of this series, we brought you an interview with the Art Director on the Language Learning Space, Ian Brown. In Part Two, we talk to two of the incredibly talented artists that helped bring the LLS to life: Alastair Sew Hoy, an illustrator and animator influenced by Japanese manga, and Blythe Ashton, an animator and character designer. What is your favourite episode from the LLS? Alastair: I only worked o
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Language Learning Space - Japanese - Rise of Maro

Artist Interview Series Part I: Ian talks Language Learning Space

Here at 2and2, we are lucky to work with an incredible team of illustrators to bring our projects to life. From the Language Learning Space to RAC Wheels. these artists have helped us construct amazing worlds that both captivate and delight learners. To kick off 2015, we’re bringing you a series of interviews with some of the artists who help bring our worlds to life. Our first is with the very talented Ian Bro
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