2and2 is a finalist in the 21st AIMIA Awards

Has it been a year already? Apparently so, because the 21st AIMIA Awards have rolled around and we’re pleased to announce that SAFEMinds Online is a finalist in the Best Digital Advertising or Communication – Learning and Education category. In case you missed our earlier posts, SAFEMinds Online is an interactive video-based experience made for the headspace SAFEMinds program in partnership with the Victo
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ABC Zoom

Zoom wins Oustanding Achievement at the Interactive Media Awards

2and2 have done it again. Zoom, an educational game created for ABC Splash, has won an award from the 2013 Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Science/Technology category. The Outstanding Achievement award recognises excellence in planning, execution and overall professionalism. With over 75 entries in this category, Zoom was one of only seven entries to win the award and one of only 11 overal
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Difficult Conversations: Improving employee-manager communication throughout Australia

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Difficult Conversations modules were released in June and have already been accessed by over 3500 people from all over Australia, actively encouraging behaviour change and better communication between employees and their managers. As Australia’s workplace relations regulator, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is asked to intervene in around 25,000 workplace disputes each year. In many cases a di
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ABC ConCensus Sprint Two: UI Design

Over the last two days. the ConCensus sprint team have been working hard transforming statistics and data into beautiful, interactive and educational experiences. The site is looking mighty fine, with the UI pretty much in place. Art Director, James says it’s important the interface is secondary to the data visualisations, ensuring it’s easy enough to use while blending into the background. “The cha
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ABC ConCensus: An html5 application transforming statistics into story

Back in August of 2012, the ABC called out for ideas for educational applications or games. Naturally, 2and2 jumped at the chance to apply and put forward an idea that went on to be selected, funded and is now in production. We wanted to find a way to engage students in school years 5-8 with census data. Census data? I hear you ask. But census data is so dry and dull and there’s so much of it… Well, preci
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Revisiting the ‘zoom’ function

While testing the teaser game, we realised one of the core functions of the game – zooming into objects and the human body  – is  quite an abstract concept and hence, was not very clear for the player. The concept of zooming into objects is essential to the success of the game, so the player must have a good understanding of what is happening at this stage of gameplay. Our challenge is to make this as clear as possib
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The LLS will be two sites in one: a student space and a teacher space. The teacher space will provide a support structure for all Chinese language teachers, especially those who may be less confident, via a focus on building a professional community. Teachers will be able to upload and share content with each other. They will also be able to provide feedback and direction to students. The student area will focus on motivating and engaging students to master the core concepts of Chinese language, either in a blended competency classroom, or in a flexible setting.

Language Learning Space: Encouraging T2T, T2S and S2S collaboration

The Language Learning Space (LLS) teacher space provides a national arena for teacher collaboration and sharing of language teaching resources. The space fosters a support network of potentially thousands of teaching professionals coming together to share their ideas, resources, teaching plans and methods. While this teacher to teacher collaboration is happening in the background, the student portal will feature a nu
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Bringing Hanyu Lujing to life: Illustration and the green screen

Hanyu Lujing, is made up of hundreds of comic frames that drive the storyline and accompany the learning journey. Illustrating graphic novels for games can be a time-consuming process, particularly with this amount of frames. To save time on the production phase, 2and2 producer, Peter Giles decided the best way to streamline this process was by reproducing each wireframe in front of a green screen and photographing e
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Browser compatibility: Don’t sweat the small stuff

While most HTML5 games are intrinsically experimental and work only on the most recent browsers, Zoom has been designed from the ground up to work across the widest range of browsers and mobile devices. 2and2’s game developer, Alex, says thatwhether you’re developing a game or a website there’s always going to be browser issues. “Of course, it’s often a simple problem, an incompatibility between code and browser and
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