Be amazed: The 2and2 hackathon creations

Welcome to the final installment of the 2and2 hackathon challenge! Give me a moment while I put on my deep, movie preview voice. *clears throat* Fifteen employees… Four teams… Eight hours… We laughed… and we cried (out of laughter). We developed and designed like never many times before. Though this time there was a difference, we chose the projects, and we only had one day. So let’s get
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The Hackathon Begins…

Considering we started the week here at 2and2 with a three day game development sprint, you’d think our developers and designers would be ready for a break. Nope. We’re going to end the week with a day-long hackathon! A couple of months ago our Managing Director, Leon, asked the 2and2 team to submit some app ideas that we could break into teams and develop in a day. The ideas were reviewed based on the fo
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