games for education

Self-censorship for effective social impact games

Game design is a craft people have studied for a long time. Games have often been examined for their entertainment value and psychological effects, as well as their technical finesse and storytelling abilities. However, it’s only in recent years that research and dialogue has emerged about video games as a positive tool for behavioural and cultural change. From disease prevention to energy conservation, games are use
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Learning through play: Not just for kids

What is it exactly that humans (children in particular) love about technological gadgets? Why do we want to type rather than write? Have our voices heard on social media and blogs rather than in a diary. Watch a YouTube video rather than read a text book. Maybe we’re all designed to learn – not just through listening, reading, writing, but through interaction, experience, collaboration and creativity. Through play, a
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Games: the teaching tool of the next generation

Imagine if we could place students into animated worlds that present accurate legal, social, scientific, historical, geographical, mathematical concepts, where they were free to explore, discover, and collaborate with one another. But not only that, what if these worlds also tested a student’s knowledge in an enjoyable and rewarding way, increasing their motivation, ambition and drive. Of course, this technolog
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