game design

RAC Wheels: road safety done differently

A few months ago, the Royal Automotive Club of WA (RAC) approached 2and2 with the idea of RAC Wheels, a game to engage kids and parents on the subject of basic road safety. Rather than create a simple page turning exercise, they wanted to design and develop something that would educate kids, while also being fun, engaging and creative – something that we love to do! Road safety? Where’s the fun in that? F
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Brainstorming at 2and2

Three little tricks to generate killer game ideas

Whether formally or informally, all game projects begin with idea generation. This creative process is the starting point for concepts and designs which will then continue through the development phase. Naturally, project teams will encounter some hurdles and bumps through this process. While there are challenges that creators will no doubt come across along the way, there are a few ways to deal with these effectivel
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