game based learning
Fun Academy - Game Testing in Shanghai Middle School

Fun Academy: bringing game-based learning to China

The world is all too aware of the pressures that Chinese students face throughout the span of their education, but for me the awareness is stronger than most. Growing up with Chinese cousins, I witnessed eight-year-olds studying until 9pm while I would normally be running around with my friends outside. I watched them take piano classes, dancing classes, English revision courses, and tutoring groups – all on the week
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Language Learning Space: engaging students in Indonesian language and culture

It’s no secret that we think the Language Learning Space is pretty cool. As a collaborative depository for language learning resources and educational learning games, the Language Learning Space truly has no limits except those of the imagination. All right, that line was pretty cliche (sorry) but it’s true. The LLS is a virtual classroom that’s ever-changing and ever-expanding, and right now weR
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Tom Chatfield - 7 ways games reward the brain

Games as tools for change: 6 of our favourite videos and articles

Here at 2and2, we find some interesting things on the internet. No, really. Emails are always flying back and forth about the most interesting concepts that have been created in the gaming industry, or updates on the status of education and technology in the world. We truly believe that games can be powerful as tools for change and development, and we talk about it a lot. We share videos, photos, articles, products,
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