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Legendary Road Safety Games

In a previous post we looked at an engaging road safety game we created for the Royal Automotive Club of WA (RAC) to introduce 5 – 7 year olds to the basics of bicycle safety. We stepped you through the concept design process we used to develop the four main characters in the game. Since then, those same characters – Jack, Mel, Ash and Chip – have been adapted for video, print and display advertisin
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RAC Wheels Gameplay

Artist Interview Series Part III: Miguel talks RAC

In the final instalment of our artist interview series, we speak to the incredibly talented Miguel Gonzalez – or M-lon, as he’s more commonly known around the internet. Miguel has worked with us on a number of projects, including Pure Rush, Campus Quest, and RAC Wheels, and is currently creating an awesome mural for the 2and2 office walls (spoiler alert: it includes a Godzilla and a robot named Skippy). W
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Fun Academy - Game Testing in Shanghai Middle School

Fun Academy: bringing game-based learning to China

The world is all too aware of the pressures that Chinese students face throughout the span of their education, but for me the awareness is stronger than most. Growing up with Chinese cousins, I witnessed eight-year-olds studying until 9pm while I would normally be running around with my friends outside. I watched them take piano classes, dancing classes, English revision courses, and tutoring groups – all on the week
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ABC Zoom - Video in Concept.vu

Collaborative space: making ABC Zoom

In 2013 we worked with Bernie Hobbs and the ABC Splash team to create Zoom, a browser-based HTML5 game set in deep space. Bernie’s vision was to create a game that didn’t shy away from the science, no matter how complex. This meant working closely with scientists, educators, writers, game designers, illustrators and developers to create a game that is enjoyable, engaging, and scientifically accurate. In Zoom the play
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Skillset PowerPlay - Elementals

Skillset PowerPlay in Google Play and App Store

The apocalypse has arrived. Elementals have ravaged towns and cities, leaving humanity on the brink of destruction. However, in a small town in western NSW, a group has banded together to fight back. Using a small generator to power the town, they have begun to rebuild the city. But in order to grow and find more survivors, this group needs to save power and be as efficient as possible, and this means scavenging mate
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Language Learning Space: engaging students in Indonesian language and culture

It’s no secret that we think the Language Learning Space is pretty cool. As a collaborative depository for language learning resources and educational learning games, the Language Learning Space truly has no limits except those of the imagination. All right, that line was pretty cliche (sorry) but it’s true. The LLS is a virtual classroom that’s ever-changing and ever-expanding, and right now weR
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Digital media can do more than just entertain. Source: Flickr

Digital media can do more than just entertain

I’m here to report a takeover. Digital media has saturated Australia. 11.5 million Australians use or visit YouTube, we use mobile internet 4.3 hours per week on average, and 93% of our households have a device for playing video games. Australia doesn’t lack technology, we have an abundance of it. What Australia does lack, however, is the dialogue and initiatives to help us take advantage of these tools as more than
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ABC Zoom

Zoom wins Oustanding Achievement at the Interactive Media Awards

2and2 have done it again. Zoom, an educational game created for ABC Splash, has won an award from the 2013 Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Science/Technology category. The Outstanding Achievement award recognises excellence in planning, execution and overall professionalism. With over 75 entries in this category, Zoom was one of only seven entries to win the award and one of only 11 overal
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PowerPlay: communicating a message of energy efficiency

Since the kickoff of our PowerPlay project for Skillset, we’ve seen the game evolve from cardboard cutouts on an office table to a beautifully illustrated game-in-the-making. The interface is coming to life, the town is being designed, and the gameplay mechanics are being refined every week. However, at 2and2 it’s never just about the game. While we absolutely love creating beautiful, fun games (really, i
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