Spotlight on China: the world’s biggest mobile market

Over the past year, 2and2 have been bustling away creating Koala Academy, a mobile social games platform for Chinese students. We’ve visited China multiple times, speaking to students, teachers and parents, as well as gaining a greater understanding of the educational and technological landscape that currently exists. While many understand that China is different from Australia in how they use technology, it’s quite
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Teens using Smartphones. Source: Flickr

The smartphone generation: how teens are using mobile devices

In a recent post we looked at how young kids are taking to their parent’s smartphones to play educational games and use creative apps. Smartphones are becoming a major platform for distribution of educational content to kids, followed closely by tablet devices which peak in use with 6 – 9 year olds according to a recent Communicus study. Tablets still get a lot of use in the tween years, but for teenagers, smartphone
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Digital media can do more than just entertain. Source: Flickr

Digital media can do more than just entertain

I’m here to report a takeover. Digital media has saturated Australia. 11.5 million Australians use or visit YouTube, we use mobile internet 4.3 hours per week on average, and 93% of our households have a device for playing video games. Australia doesn’t lack technology, we have an abundance of it. What Australia does lack, however, is the dialogue and initiatives to help us take advantage of these tools as more than
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