Tablets for Education

By Leon Young, Managing Director at 2and2 Some of you are probably aware of my mild obsession with the potential of tablets to completely change the way education is delivered. What interests me most, is the opportunity tablets offer to circumvent poor teaching or inadequate access to decent schooling, and from there the potential for developing countries to achieve something approaching first world education standar
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Technology in education is inevitable

In my latest blog on gamifying education and curriculum, I raised the point that young children are going to expect to learn through games and apps once they reach primary school. Largely due to the influx of toddler-targeted educational apps accessible via their parent’s/carers tablets and mobiles. Speak Up has just released a study about student expectations when it comes to integrating technology into the cl
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Learning through play: Not just for kids

What is it exactly that humans (children in particular) love about technological gadgets? Why do we want to type rather than write? Have our voices heard on social media and blogs rather than in a diary. Watch a YouTube video rather than read a text book. Maybe we’re all designed to learn – not just through listening, reading, writing, but through interaction, experience, collaboration and creativity. Through play, a
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Games: the teaching tool of the next generation

Imagine if we could place students into animated worlds that present accurate legal, social, scientific, historical, geographical, mathematical concepts, where they were free to explore, discover, and collaborate with one another. But not only that, what if these worlds also tested a student’s knowledge in an enjoyable and rewarding way, increasing their motivation, ambition and drive. Of course, this technolog
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