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headspace SAFEMinds launched in schools

After months of hard work, the headspace SAFEMinds program has been launched in Victorian schools – a program that 2and2 is honoured to have worked on. SAFEMinds is a program designed to give teachers, school staff and parents the right tools to understand how issues of mental health can affect young people. The program includes a face-to-face training program for teachers and school staff, as well as an intera
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Digital media can do more than just entertain. Source: Flickr

Digital media can do more than just entertain

I’m here to report a takeover. Digital media has saturated Australia. 11.5 million Australians use or visit YouTube, we use mobile internet 4.3 hours per week on average, and 93% of our households have a device for playing video games. Australia doesn’t lack technology, we have an abundance of it. What Australia does lack, however, is the dialogue and initiatives to help us take advantage of these tools as more than
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