data visualisation

ABC ConCensus Sprint Two: UI Design

Over the last two days. the ConCensus sprint team have been working hard transforming statistics and data into beautiful, interactive and educational experiences. The site is looking mighty fine, with the UI pretty much in place. Art Director, James says it’s important the interface is secondary to the data visualisations, ensuring it’s easy enough to use while blending into the background. “The cha
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ABC ConCensus: An html5 application transforming statistics into story

Back in August of 2012, the ABC called out for ideas for educational applications or games. Naturally, 2and2 jumped at the chance to apply and put forward an idea that went on to be selected, funded and is now in production. We wanted to find a way to engage students in school years 5-8 with census data. Census data? I hear you ask. But census data is so dry and dull and there’s so much of it… Well, preci
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