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Lend Lease EH&S wins a Brandon Hall

The Lend Lease EH&S Passport has done it again, winning a silver Brandon Hall Award over night. Often times called the ‘Academy Awards’ by learning, talent and business executives, the Brandon Hall awards are one of the most exclusive international awards in the online learning industry. 2and2 has been awarded a silver excellence award for best custom content, adding to the IMA (US) Best in Class and
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2and2 wins Best in Class Interactive Media Award in the US

2and2 has been awarded the Interactive Media Award’s highest level award for its Lend Lease EH&S Passport project. With an almost perfect score, the Lend Lease EH&S Passport has topped the list of applicants in the international Training/Vocational Category and sits with likes of Microsoft on the ‘Best in Class’ award list. Project Producer, Randy Olan from 2and2 says its a great privilege t
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Scenarios, simulations and interactivity: Creating well-designed corporate training experiences

It’s a common concern that if employees aren’t in a training room, with an instructor in a controlled environment, with pens and paper and an overhead projector, employees aren’t likely to complete the training – if we leave it up to them, will they do it? They do. Sure, because it’s convenient, but more so because it’s thoroughly enjoyable. Take our Lend Lease EH&S Passport for example. The participants are inst
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We’re a 2013 LearnX Award winner!

Last month we won a prestigious LearnX Award for an OHS training project we produced for the global construction and commercial giant Lend Lease Corporation. It was a great privilege to be offered the award for Best Interactive Scenario, for the Lend Lease Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Passport. The suite of 22 modules covering Lend Lease’s construction and asset safety compliance training is made up of m
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Lend Lease – transforming corporate compliance training into enjoyable digital masterpieces

In March of 2012, global construction and retail organisation, Lend Lease came to 2and2 looking for a way to engage their workforce in Environment, Health and Safety training. The brief was clear, Lend Lease wanted to establish a custom-built training suite they could distribute online, to ensure all facets of their company and each business area was well exceeding their organisation’s Global Minimum Requirement (GMR
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Tailoring a corporate training suite to a diverse and global audience

“You don’t just read or listen to the material and take a test, you are in the site, like a video game, you are a part of the action.” Reaching a national, global or remote employee base is one of the common goals when businesses and corporations decide to switch compliance and technology training methods to digital. The ability to access training online means employees can be trained from anywhere, in an
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