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Collaborative space: making ABC Zoom

In 2013 we worked with Bernie Hobbs and the ABC Splash team to create Zoom, a browser-based HTML5 game set in deep space. Bernie’s vision was to create a game that didn’t shy away from the science, no matter how complex. This meant working closely with scientists, educators, writers, game designers, illustrators and developers to create a game that is enjoyable, engaging, and scientifically accurate. In Zoom the play
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ABC Zoom

Zoom wins Oustanding Achievement at the Interactive Media Awards

2and2 have done it again. Zoom, an educational game created for ABC Splash, has won an award from the 2013 Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Science/Technology category. The Outstanding Achievement award recognises excellence in planning, execution and overall professionalism. With over 75 entries in this category, Zoom was one of only seven entries to win the award and one of only 11 overal
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Revisiting the ‘zoom’ function

While testing the teaser game, we realised one of the core functions of the game – zooming into objects and the human body  – is  quite an abstract concept and hence, was not very clear for the player. The concept of zooming into objects is essential to the success of the game, so the player must have a good understanding of what is happening at this stage of gameplay. Our challenge is to make this as clear as possib
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Browser compatibility: Don’t sweat the small stuff

While most HTML5 games are intrinsically experimental and work only on the most recent browsers, Zoom has been designed from the ground up to work across the widest range of browsers and mobile devices. 2and2’s game developer, Alex, says thatwhether you’re developing a game or a website there’s always going to be browser issues. “Of course, it’s often a simple problem, an incompatibility between code and browser and
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The process of designing each Zoom mini game

Our target is to create nine mini-games, or ‘science focus points’. These focus points are aligned with scientific principles provided by the ABC, which are also aligned with the new Australian science curriculum. Before we create each Zoom mini-game, we first discuss the idea with Bernie (the project originator and science communicator from the ABC). We then create wireframes depicting the steps required withi
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Scaling: Maintaining scientific accuracy

In the teaser mini-game, to activate the laser the player is required to ‘shoot’ individual atoms to get them excited. In the real atomic world, the space would be full of atoms erratically moving about. In a  gaming context this looks confusing to the eye so we had to find a way to simplify the environment. In close consultation with Subject Matter Expert (SME), Ben Buchler and ABC science expert Bernie Hobbs, we fo
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Simulating the zoom factor

As the name suggests, the game requires zooming into objects to view  atomic and microscopic properties. How we were going to achieve this was one of the first challenges that surfaced during the design of the teaser game. Obviously, zooming into an object  is not an everyday occurrence! For the teaser game we designed the zoom feature by inserting a scene using numbers indicating the scale level, and also used the s
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ABC Zoom - Space

The aim of the game: Flipped classroom model

Being a ‘game’, Zoom is about enjoyment as much as it is about learning, but it’s also about collaboration, and here’s why. While being an educational project, the ABC’s priority for the game was to engage first, and educate through that engagement.The idea was that students should want to play the game , not only because their teacher had told them to. Zoom is about generating interest in science, and triggering lea
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Transforming scientific concepts into game play

Zoom is the brainchild 0f Bernie Hobbs, one of the ABC’s science communicators, who wanted to develop a platform to show students a beautiful and realistic depiction of what goes on behind the surface of things and the human body. So the science is where it all started. From the science principles provided by the ABC, both 2and2 and the ABC zoom production teams took the challenge of making these science concep
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