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Behind the scenes: creating the Godzilla vs. Skippy mural

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been caught in the crossfire of a fiery brawl. Godzilla has invaded Sydney and is deeply embroiled in a battle with Skippy the Robot, leaving us paralysed to any action. Instead, we have to stand back and bear witness as they shoot fire and lasers at one-another. Thankfully, the spectacle looks pretty fantastic: All right, the jig is up – clearly Godzilla and Skippy aren
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2and2 is a finalist in the 21st AIMIA Awards

Has it been a year already? Apparently so, because the 21st AIMIA Awards have rolled around and we’re pleased to announce that SAFEMinds Online is a finalist in the Best Digital Advertising or Communication – Learning and Education category. In case you missed our earlier posts, SAFEMinds Online is an interactive video-based experience made for the headspace SAFEMinds program in partnership with the Victo
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2and2 wins at the IMAs, Brandon Hall Awards, and Mobies

It may have been quiet on our blog recently, but that’s because we’re been quite busy here in the 2and2 office! Our team has been hard at work on a range of awesome projects over this year, and the awards have started pouring in – literally. Our immersive online video experience for headspace, SAFEMinds Online, won two awards in the internationally recognised Interactive Media Awards. These awards r
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Fun Academy - Game Testing in Shanghai Middle School

Fun Academy: bringing game-based learning to China

The world is all too aware of the pressures that Chinese students face throughout the span of their education, but for me the awareness is stronger than most. Growing up with Chinese cousins, I witnessed eight-year-olds studying until 9pm while I would normally be running around with my friends outside. I watched them take piano classes, dancing classes, English revision courses, and tutoring groups – all on the week
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Insights from our development intern, Jialei

A note from Marcus: Jialei has been interning with 2and2 for a couple of weeks, and has shown lots of enthusiasm from day one. His attitude makes him a great addition to the team. He is a quick learner and it has been great to watch him improve day by day. I still remember how excited I felt when I received the offer of internship from 2and2. I knew this opportunity was my starting point in a journey to dedicate myse
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CanUHanyu - AIMIA Awards

CanUHanyu and Birth Choices shine at the AIMIA Awards

…and the awards just keep coming! Last night, 2and2 attended the 20th Annual AIMIA Awards where CanUHanyu and Birth Choices were both nominated as finalists. These prestigious awards honour Australia’s most creative and cutting edge digital content. Winning one is an incredible honour, so imagine our delight when we won two (to paint a mental image, there were ear-to-ear grins, jubilant laughs all around,
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ABC Zoom

Zoom wins Oustanding Achievement at the Interactive Media Awards

2and2 have done it again. Zoom, an educational game created for ABC Splash, has won an award from the 2013 Interactive Media Awards for Outstanding Achievement in the Science/Technology category. The Outstanding Achievement award recognises excellence in planning, execution and overall professionalism. With over 75 entries in this category, Zoom was one of only seven entries to win the award and one of only 11 overal
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20th Annual AIMIA Awards

2and2 is a finalist in the 20th AIMIA Awards

Here at 2and2, we’ve had a fabulous start to 2014 and we hope you have too! Not only have we been working on some great projects (Skillset Power Play and Headspace SAFEMinds are just two of many), but we’re also finalists in the 20th AIMIA Awards! Two of our projects are finalists in their respective categories: CanUHanyu in the Best of Smartphone: Learning & Education category and Birth Choices in th
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Lend Lease EH&S wins a Brandon Hall

The Lend Lease EH&S Passport has done it again, winning a silver Brandon Hall Award over night. Often times called the ‘Academy Awards’ by learning, talent and business executives, the Brandon Hall awards are one of the most exclusive international awards in the online learning industry. 2and2 has been awarded a silver excellence award for best custom content, adding to the IMA (US) Best in Class and
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