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  • 2and2 creates games and other beautiful digital experiences that both educate and inspire.

    We go beyond elearning, to focus on delivering understanding, true behaviour change and improved performance. Whether the client is a business, government, educational institution or not-for-profit, we are committed to enriching their culture as well as helping them reach out to the wider community.

    Our approach brings expert educators and communications specialists into the same creative space. Our backgrounds are diverse and span across education, computer games, consumer and luxury brand marketing, software development, artificial intelligence and academia. It's this fusion of skills and experiences that makes 2and2 unique, and informs everything we do.

    Clients rely on us to bring new thinking to their educational challenges, and we treat every project as unique.

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  • How do we use digital media to educate, influence and effect change?

    Our core philosophy is founded in active learning principles. Simply put, we allow individuals to actively engage in the learning experience. Engagement, when done correctly, delivers understanding. True understanding alters beliefs which in turn delivers change. Our multidisciplinary team creates learning experiences where people explore, analyse, interpret and shape the content they discover.

    The process is all about collaboration. We are flexible and adapt our processes, combining both agile and waterfall elements as necessary. Typically a project goes like this:

    1. We start by listening. We take the time to get to know you, your organisation, your audience, the aims of your project and the challenges you expect to face. We engage with you to get a high level understanding of the content you wish to deliver, along with the technical and financial parameters we have to work within.
    2. We collaborate with you in an open workshop environment and involve the talents of both our creative and our technical teams to devise the approaches for each element of the project.
    3. We present you with a detailed proposal. This describes our proposed approach, the development process, costs, timeline and dependencies. We confirm this meets your requirements, and where necessary refine our creative approach or our process to better fit the client and project.
    4. Once you have signed off on a proposal the real creative fun begins. We regroup for a kickoff workshop with your key stakeholders where we revisit the initial creative approach taking all stakeholder input into account. We also use this opportunity to make sure everyone in your organisation and ours understands their role in the project, what will be required of them and when.
    5. If required, we deliver a revised project plan. We then move into the learning design process. At the end of this process you will have detailed specifications of the solution, covering design, functionality and content. You will be closely involved in the specification process, and given ample opportunity to provide direct feedback and revisions. This may involve prototyping the product.
    6. We get to work building the solution. This will lead to development and delivery of a beta version.
    7. Refinements to the beta version are done, and a release candidate is delivered.
    8. Any final fixes are performed on the release candidate, and your project goes live (and we have a little party).
  • What makes us so different? We focus on creating online content and solutions that genuinely engage the audience.

    You may have noticed we don’t use the word eLearning very often. For a company that creates custom online learning solutions that may seem odd. Why don’t we just call it eLearning? Because we believe that eLearning refers to a more routine type of online learning that differs from what we do here at 2and2.

    We focus on creating online content and solutions that genuinely engage the audience. That deliver deep understanding of sometimes complex subject matter. That ultimately result in improved skills, behaviour and performance. In contrast the eLearning world tends to focus on delivering ‘check-box compliance’ at the lowest possible cost. Low cost compliance solutions have their place, and there are plenty of companies that can help you with this. But 2and2 is not one of them. We are happy to help you with compliance solutions, but only where true learning outcomes and changed behaviours are the focus, not where you simply need the tick in the box.